Berwyn Reflects On Loneliness And Longing With Soul-Baring 'Tape 2/Fomalhaut'

Berwyn Reflects On Loneliness And Longing With Soul-Baring 'Tape 2/Fomalhaut'

June 21, 2021

Following from his moving debut mixtape Demotape/Vega, Trinidad-born, Romford-raised rapper Berwyn returns with the second instalment, Tape 2/Fomalhaut. Documenting his experiences in an East London, Mike Skinner-style spoken word delivery, Berwyn uses raw lyricism to lay out his emotions and his tales of loneliness, life's uncertainties and the need for love.

Side by side, both projects create an in-depth and eventful piece of autobiographical music that pulls the listener into moments of drawn-out turmoil, at times revealing small cracks of blissful resolution. Berwyn proves to be unafraid to lay his truths out for us for a compelling listen you'll be locked into from start to finish.

Explaining where the title comes from, Berwyn says: "'Fomalhaut' is a single star that appears in a part of the sky that's largely empty of bright stars. For this reason, in Skylore, Fomalhaut is often called the Lonely One or Solitary One. Tape 2/Fomalhaut is a room with many corners. That room is called loneliness, and the corners are all the lonely places you can find yourself in life. Even the unexpected ones. Made up from many factors that can all contribute to that loneliness."

To celebrate the release of Tape 2/Fomalhaut, Berwyn will also be playing a handful of cities across the UK to close out the year, including his largest show to date at London's Islington Academy. With a solid collection of music, this is set to be an immersive live music experience that can't be missed. Full dates and ticket information can be found here.

Take in Tape 2/Fomalhaut below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Frank Fieber