Berwyn Shares Captivating New Single "I Am Black"

Berwyn Shares Captivating New Single "I Am Black"

May 20, 2024

Berwyn wrestles with faith, race and much more on new drop, "I Am Black". Addressing "heavenly father" in each verse, Berwyn struggles with what it means to be Black where he grew up, Romford East London and in the UK as a whole.

Facing obstacles from people different from him and those who share his problems, "I Am Black" is a spirited outpouring of emotion and a reminder of the pride that ought to come with the words of the song's title.

Speaking about the writing process Berwyn shares: "I really wanted to make an opportunity in the world where people can say those three words in a positive way". Berwyn moved from Trinidad and Tobago to the East of London aged nine, and more specifically to a street on which he and his Grandma were the only black people. The battles faced thereafter would eventually result in a song like "I Am Black". Take in the arresting video below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photogrpahy: TJ Sawyer