Berwyn Reflects On Recent Traumas With Contemplative Double Release "3450 / Chasing Lights"

Berwyn Reflects On Recent Traumas With Contemplative Double Release "3450 / Chasing Lights"

December 14, 2022

Following his long-awaited return home to Trinidad on "Path To Satisfaction", Romford native Berwyn, outlines the roots of his trauma in his latest drop "3450 / Chasing Lights".

The Elements take the lead in producing the first track, gathering together delicate piano chords and simple electronic drums while Berwyn spirals into the deepest parts of himself to uncover some experiences that have had long-lasting effects on him.

"Chasing Lights", meanwhile, is a self-produced number with electric guitar licks to create an optimistic feel as Berwyn speaks from the perspective of the present moment. He intends to heal and reflect through both tracks, using those traumatic experiences as a source of wisdom to continue navigating the terrains of life.

Sharing some thoughts on the two tracks, he says: "'3450' understands the trauma that has been left by other experiences, it dwells on what has shaped who I am. 'Path To Satisfaction' completely anticipates the future, '3450' takes away the anticipation and settles on reflecting. It's a song for individuals who have experienced trauma—sometimes things happen that are out of your control and they leave an imprint on you, it stays with you. It's a little therapy session. 'Chasing Lights' continues that reflection in the present moment, after the unpacking. A little window into where my head's at with it all now. All in all, I'm just dancing along my own timeline."

Berwyn recently crossed paths with 0207 Def Jam's Debbie, finding ways to escape disarray in the dreamy "Cousin's Car". He's due to kickstart his UK tour in 2023, hopefully with a tape on the way to follow on from last year's Tape 2/Fomalhaut.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jonathan Gift