BERWYN Tugs At The Heartstrings With New Track "Bulletproof"

BERWYN Tugs At The Heartstrings With New Track "Bulletproof"

March 08, 2023

After the strong finish to 2022, BERWYN bounces back with his first offering of 2023, the heartfelt "Bulletproof".

The anthemic new track draws heavily on nostalgia, mirrored in the scrapbook-style visualiser that salutes all the people that have accompanied him on his journey so far and the hardships relationships can often entail.

Touching lyrics like "everybody lives and dies/I ain't perfect, but I try" are sung on top of a stirring guitar riff tug at the heartstrings with devastating precision. Stirring emotions from the get-go, "Bulletproof" gives real lighters up vibes and you can really picture masses of people belting it out at a festival.

In a statement released alongside the new video, BERWYN explains that "Bulletproof" is "less about me and more about the people around me. It's another part of my personality. I'm willing to do anything for the people around me, it kinda revolves around that. It also highlights the dangers of my job and exposes me as an individual with troubles. Relationships are a give and take, have my back and I'll have yours because I'm not safe, I will need help and I'll be more than willing to return the favour."

This month, BERWYN will make his much-anticipated return to stages across the UK with stops in Leeds, Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester, and Brighton, wrapping up with his largest show to date at London's KOKO.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Jonathan Gift