Bellah Explores The Pressures Of Growing Up On Stunning 'Adultsville' EP

Bellah Explores The Pressures Of Growing Up On Stunning 'Adultsville' EP

September 23, 2022

North London singer-songwriter Bellah delves into the twists and turns of her journey to self-discovery on her refreshing EP Adultsville. The new EP takes us a step further into Bellah's universe, comforting listeners with stories of her own growing pains.

Previously released tunes like "In The Moment", "Garden" and "Prototype" all appear, and she even blesses us with an extended version of her hit single "Evil Eye", which was also treated to a COLORS performance just last year. Three new tracks arrive on the EP, each documenting some personal challenges with adulting; including warped social media standards, familial pressures, fleeting romantic connections, and struggling with self-love—all highly relatable themes.

As a bonus, her new single "Garden" arrives with a Ray Fiasco-directed video that builds on the same otherworldly, futuristic aesthetic shown in previous videos like "Prototype" and adds a shimmering fairytale quality to it. Hit play on the new video below and then take in the rest of the EP at the bottom.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Instagram