Bawo & Reek0 Provide Some Reassurance On Oscar #Worldpeace-Produced "Same Team"

Bawo & Reek0 Provide Some Reassurance On Oscar #Worldpeace-Produced "Same Team"

November 21, 2022

West London rhymer Bawo taps Reek0 for his latest drop "Same Team" with Oscar #Worldpeace on production.

Over spaced-out synths and constant trap drums, Bawo stresses the need for close friends especially through challenging times. Although his focus is primarily on making music, he takes the time to show some appreciation to his loved ones who continue to show up for him. Reek0 fits right in with his melodic cadence, sharing his own perspective on themes of friendships and comfort.

Speaking on the track's inspiration Bawo says, "The song is about having the strength to ask for help despite maybe not feeling okay; people close to me maybe thinking that I'm moving different but I'm still me and still here so yeah, shout me, 'cos we can't do life alone."

Bawo has been putting in the work this year, experimenting with space-trap backdrops for his detailed bars. Check "Same Team" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Josh Moseley