Bandokay's "Memories" Is A Loving Tribute To His Late Father

Bandokay's "Memories" Is A Loving Tribute To His Late Father

September 16, 2022

Marking what would have been his father, Mark Duggan's 40th birthday, Bandokay reflects on the unsettling realities of police brutality in his latest track "Memories".

JamskullBeatz provides the strings-led production which glides with Bandokay's storytelling, adding emphasis and stripped-back moments where necessary. He expresses his pain following the loss of his father, reflecting on the fact that not much has changed since his passing in 2011. Through it all, he's motivated to continue using his gift to share important messages and speak on issues that affect the Black community.

Directed by Teeeezy C, the video sees the young rapper deep in thought, with long shots of him being driven through his ends with the window rolled down. After an intimate confession at a cathedral, he ends his day by pouring one out by his father's grave before closing with a message that reads "May we never forget all that lost their lives at the hands of those meant to protect".

As we continue to live through cases of unjustifiable violence inflicted by members of authority in real time, the track's message remains more relevant than ever. Take in "Memories" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Instagram