Ayrtn's Mellow "Caution" Offers Sweet Escapism

Ayrtn's Mellow "Caution" Offers Sweet Escapism

May 13, 2022

Esteemed alt-rap artist ayrtn has come with a mesmeric new track titled "CAUTION!", which arrives after a long year void of releases.

For this one, ayrtn doubles as rapper and producer, building his own sonic dimension from scratch. The beat is tightly arranged with spiralling electronic instrumentation which dips in dynamics as the track progresses. Lyrically, the MC flexes his understated ability to rap about anything that comes to mind, never shying away from sharing his personal perspective.

The Louis Lincoln-directed visuals capture a stylish ayrtn delivering a smooth performance of his bars in various spots around London overshadowed by looming estate blocks. Briefly speaking on the track, he says: "I love to have fun with my music and this song is a very clear example of that. This one is abundant. The instrumental is very bouncy. It's a cool fun track for the sun-seekers, I'm back baby".

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Charlie Blunden