Avelino's 'No Bullshit' Playlist Is Out Now

Avelino's 'No Bullshit' Playlist Is Out Now

October 27, 2017

Last week, we brought you the trailer for Avelino's new No Bullshit project. The trailer promised a playlist that would grow and evolve over the coming months, and today we have it in its first form.

The 12-track collection features mostly original cuts, with one or two we've already heard. "It's A Moovie", "1 In A Million" and "Sweet Luv" have already made their way to us, but there's plenty more to dig into. 

Opener "Gr8ness" sets the tone with its no fussing, unpretentious rejection of the superficial and meaningless. From there, we're treated to club bangers ("It's A Moovie"), summer heaters ("1 In A Million" and "No Such Thing"), boom bap hip-hop ("Origami" and "Prodigy") and unflinching bouts of introspection ("U Can Stand Up" / "Royal" featuring Dave).

Overall, Avelino and production team Raf Riley, Jason Julian and Jay Prince take the grime and rap templates and injects into them elements of R&B, afrobeat, jazz and more for a truly wild and eclectic listen. 

Dive into the project below.

Words: James Keith