Avelino Reflects On His Wins And Losses On Double Release "Mercedes Coupe" / "Magick"

Avelino Reflects On His Wins And Losses On Double Release "Mercedes Coupe" / "Magick"

May 13, 2022

It hasn't been long since Avelino wrapped up his compelling "Four Seasons" freestyle series which began last spring, turning over a new leaf, he now returns with two new tracks titled "Mercedes Coupe" and "Magick".

R Lo and Bambz produce the beat for the opener "Mercedes Coupe", brought to life by its pulsating trap drums which Avelino works with his bouncy flow. Despite setbacks and challenges he spits about the inevitability of his success, saying, "got no money in my jeans but rich was in my DNA."

In the same breath, we seamlessly land on the introspective "Magick". Produced by 169, this downtempo one sees the North London rapper shed light on his humble beginnings whilst applauding his unwavering drive. Over the warped effects and sampled vocals, he spits "when your thoughts become things then you'll understand magic", reflecting on the life of a younger Avelino before the accolades.

"'Mercedes Coupe' & 'Magick' are about the finer things in life," Avelino says of the release. "I celebrate and reflect equally. The fact that any person can go from the gutter to glory if they put their mind to it, is as true as the fact that grass is green. These songs will either help you reflect on life, or motivate you for the future, maybe even both."

Updated on May 25: the official video for "Mercedes Coupe" has now landed.

Updated on July 4: the official video for "Magick" has now been released.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Cosmo Webber