Leeds Meets London In ATO & Flohio's DIY-Style "No Caroline" Remix Video

Leeds Meets London In ATO & Flohio's DIY-Style "No Caroline" Remix Video

April 13, 2022

London-based rapper and singer ATO has joined forces with Bermondsey's finest Flohio for this vibe-heavy "No Caroline" remix.

Producers Jonathon SG, Steve Cooper, and Singular Balance craft the hazy beat for both artists to lather with their melodic bars. Flohio kicks things off, setting the light-hearted tone of the track before her vocals fade out, making way for ATO's chilled delivery to counterbalance Flohio's bouncy flow—a testament to their instant chemistry.

Director Eve Mahoney brings the track to life through a fuzzy VHS-style video lens as the pair take a trip from London to Leeds. Zipping between high streets, underpasses and smoky living hooms, their spirits stay sky-high as they deliver an infectious performance of their bars and melodies.

Speaking on the remix, ATO says: "When 'No Caroline' was first made, there were a million ideas for which direction to take the song, so a remix felt inevitable. I wanted it to be in the same world of the original but with a new dynamic, to make it feel more like a rebirth than a remix. I've loved Flohio's music for a minute! I believe she is one of the most unique and authentic artists in the UK. Putting Flo on the first verse felt like a natural way to kick off the song with new energy. Once Flo laid her verse, we started looking at ways to tie the new dynamic together."

Flohio adds: "Working with ATO made me appreciate the gems we usually have hidden in England when it comes to music, the song was something I gravitated to, so adding a verse was something I knew I wanted to do, definitely check his other projects."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Tessa Nylen