London Rapper Atlas Azure Boldly Addresses His Grief In "Talking To The Dead"

London Rapper Atlas Azure Boldly Addresses His Grief In "Talking To The Dead"

June 03, 2021

After a series of drops on YouTube, London-based artist atlas azure is making his debut proper with his powerful single, "Talking To The Dead". With greats like Wretch 32, Ghetts and A2 championing the wave of introspective rap, atlas azure fits perfectly into this scene, providing a real and deeply personal perspective on grief and loss. Here he pulls elements of spoken word, poetry and rap to create a unique and intimate sense of storytelling.

The production consists of an atmospheric guitar melody and trap-inspired hi hats that soon usher in the ominous bass line as azure dips in and out of a warped vocal effect that plunges the listeners into the depth of azure's mind as he faces his trauma through music. The Franz Galo-directed visual is filled with symbolic imagery that deepens the message of the track, submerging azure in a dark blue hue with flashes of inflamed flowers and ravens filling the screen.

Speaking on the creation of the track, he shares: "'Talking To The Dead' is about still being able to communicate with my parents and my cousin, though they are no longer with us while also addressing my initial feelings of revenge and consistent rage. I found myself having thoughts I could have never imagined, and being further pulled into the darkness. I had overwhelming feelings of taking revenge against the world and myself but I realised I had to stay strong and live for them as they wouldn't want me to retaliate or self-sabotage."

"Talking To The Dead" is a bold opening statement for atlas azure and instantly pins him as one to watch in the future.