Asher Kosher Offers Food For Thought On Sharp-Witted "Mug"

Asher Kosher Offers Food For Thought On Sharp-Witted "Mug"

December 14, 2022

North London rhymer Asher Kosher hands over a thought-provoking new track titled "Mug", produced by Tolushorts, Purple Cloud, and Kunfucius.

Firm percussions erupt under a sea of atmospheric melodies, warming our ears as Kosher's smooth tone arrives carrying an important message. With his tongue-in-cheek approach, he reminds us of the ongoing atrocities of the British system, expressing his thoughts on gentrification, housing prices, empty promises and blatant lies. He even spits on the need for more real talk in rap music and fewer money-hungry anthems.

"We're being taken for mugs", explains Kosher. "I wrote this song ages ago but it's more relevant today than ever before.. and globally too."

Kosher is a founding member of Root 73, the Hackney-based studio and artist community and has only been releasing music since 2020. This year, he's amped up his workflow with cuts like "On Our Street" featuring Bel Cobain and illiterate and the neo-jazz cut "Focus" alongside Whoeva? and Eerf Evil.

Hit the play button on the self-directed visuals below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Timo Spurr