Ashbeck & Rushy Spar On Razor-Sharp 'Rush Hour' EP

Ashbeck & Rushy Spar On Razor-Sharp 'Rush Hour' EP

September 13, 2023

Ashbeck and Rushy channel Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan for their new joint EP, Rush Hour.

The two rappers have been making waves of late as individuals, but as a combined force, they've tapped into something even more fruitful. Rush Hour may be just four tracks long, but that's more than enough time for Ash and Rush to get into their bag as they reminisce about how they got into this position and how bright their futures are.

Both MCs are able to glide on track with distinct ease, but even as they do so, their "steel sharpens steel" approach has them bar out as they continually spar on record, all in service of their EP.

Take in the new project below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks