Ashbeck And Bawo Embrace The Hustle In "Tints" Video

Ashbeck And Bawo Embrace The Hustle In "Tints" Video

March 08, 2024

Ashbeck and Bawo are two of the underground's biggest names that have come up on nonchalant flows and introspective bars, so it's natural that they'd come together to make a mellow banger like "Tints".

Henes is one of two producers to have worked on the track, and even without the soon-to-be iconic "crucked it" producer tag, you'd be able to tell that Cruck Records head honcho and underground rap super-producer El Londo is the other. Ashbeck's flow always fits Londo's beats hand-in-glove, and Bawo sounds right at home on the riddim too.

Ashbeck and Bawo make the grind sound wavy, with slick lyrics about juggling making time for a shift then making time for a song. Surely the hustle will soon pay dividends for both MCs. For now, take in the Fidel-directed video below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks