Anz Shares Racy UKG Slammer "Real Enough To Feel Good"

Anz Shares Racy UKG Slammer "Real Enough To Feel Good"

September 22, 2021

Gearing up to release her EP All Hours, DJ and producer Anz unveils the genre-splicing "Real Enough To Feel Good". The track echoes with some delicate vocal layers and subdued bass synths over a sonic backdrop that pulls from 2-step and UKG, which she then fuses with some B'more jumpiness to create an instant banger in club spaces.

Speaking on the track Anz shares: "'Real Enough To Feel Good' was the first new track I made for All Hours, built as a direct continuation from 'You Could Be'. With the 24 hour concept fully front of mind, I tried to make something sleek and bouncy for the evening with nods to Baltimore Club, and of course UK garage — the genre I listen to every time I'm getting ready to go out."

While we wait for the release of the EP, which is scheduled to land October 15 (pre-order it here), check "Real Enough To Feel Good" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Mélanie Lehmann