Amie Blu Wonders "who's he gonna take home" On New Single

Amie Blu Wonders "who's he gonna take home" On New Single

May 15, 2024

South London's Amie Blu is putting together a string of top-tier releases, the most recent of which is "who's he gonna take home".

Tender as ever in her delivery, Amie dons her rose-tinted glasses as she describes a man that does a good job of papering over flaws. However, as she romanticises the subject of the song, the cracks become apparent and the track reaches its crescendo.

Speaking on "who's he gonna take home", Amie shares: "It's the first song I ever wrote with Jay Flew. I wanted to write something that was descriptive but still simplistic and as soon as I had the first line 'he's the type to know his words', everything else just fell into place."

Amie has dropped a couple of singles already this year—namely "everything about her" and "pretty"—and it looks like this new single sets us up for a new project. While we wait on more info, hit play on "who's he gonna take home" below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Alistair McVeigh