Akemi Fox Shines On Swindle-Produced "See You Soon"

Akemi Fox Shines On Swindle-Produced "See You Soon"

April 06, 2022

Manchester-hailing singer-songwriter Akemi Fox ushers in the sunshine with the Swindle-produced track "See You Soon".

Driven by delicate acoustic guitar melodies and a subtle bassline, she blankets us with an instant wave of warmth. Luring us into a world of clear skies and sunshine with her airy tones, she reflects on the joys of their relationship and her longing to spend time with her lover. Then, in true Swindle fashion, he leaves us on a high with some blissful horn flourishes.

Speaking on the track, Akemi Fox says, "For me, 'See You Soon' is a cute summer song about love. It's a song about confessing your love to someone and wanting to see them soon to reconnect to relive all the special moments you feel when with them. The song is described as though being in the sun during summer and makes anyone listening want to bathe in that warm feeling of being in love. It's a light-hearted song with a catchy rhythm with the message being that you want to see your loved one soon."

"See You Soon" is a small teaser of Akemi's upcoming EP, a needed follow-up to last year's Colour You In.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jake Millers