A.G Calls On Manga Saint Hilare, Taliwhoah & St.Plates For 'GML' EP

A.G Calls On Manga Saint Hilare, Taliwhoah & St.Plates For 'GML' EP

June 29, 2022

Released under Bok Bok's AP Life label, producer and selector A.G storms in with the emotionally-charged GML EP, featuring contributions from Manga Saint Hilare, Taliwhoah, and St.Plates.

The titular instrumental sets the scene, preparing listeners with sporadic hi-hats embedded between a hurricane of extraterrestrial synth patterns and modulated vocals. First up is Manga Saint Hilare with "All In Need" where he wastes no time stating the things that are most important to him: family and making money. Taliwhoah then softens slightly for "No Shade", lathering the beat with her delicate R&B melodies and silky vocals. Finally, St. Plates steps up for a "Top Tier Freestyle", delivering the cruddiest performance yet.

GML sees three different, yet equally skilled artists interpret AG's galactic beats with incredible finesse. The East London creative describes this collection of tracks as the perfect fit for "sad girls who love grime", but all ears are welcome so don't hesitate to press play below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Daniel Mutton