Abra Cadabra Keeps It Strictly Drill On "Somebody's Son"

Abra Cadabra Keeps It Strictly Drill On "Somebody's Son"

July 19, 2021

Five months on from the melody-heavy Mixed Emotions EP, North London's Abra Cadabra is back with his new single, "Somebody's Son", and it sees him return to the gravelly tones of his harder drill sound.

Produced by H1K, "Somebody's Son" is as dark and venomous as anything Abz has ever put out, pairing ruthless stories of road life with shuddering 808s and skittish hi-hats. The new track also comes with some visuals from PressPlay Media, which capture Abz and his team enjoying the trappings of success under cover of darkness in a dimly-lit industrial space.

Just as Product Of My Environment suggested, it looks as if the two sides of Abra Cadabra's personality—the slick melodies and rugged drill—are here to stay, existing side-by-side in uneasy union.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Ben Lister