A2 Delivers Intimate R&B Sizzler "Thrillz"

A2 Delivers Intimate R&B Sizzler "Thrillz"

March 25, 2021

South London artist A2 is back with his latest track "Thrillz". It's a SoundCloud-only drop for now, but hopefully the prelude to more.

Here the rapper brings forth self-assured, melodic rap as he sensitively reflects on an old flame. Laid-back vocals give way to smooth rhymes that embody the levels of intimacy we've come to expect from A2, all delivered in typically smooth fashion.

Producer Moglee turns up the heat in the studio, producing a slow tempo instrumental pierced with occasional high frequencies that yield graciously to A2's wordplay. Finally, a sample declaring words of wisdom poignantly centres the theme of relationships.

"Thrillz" comes in as A2's third release on SoundCloud this year, preceded by "Envy Freestyle and "Favourite Interlude" — neither of which have made it to Spotify — perhaps suggesting the beginnings of a project roll out. While we wait to find out, stream "Thrillz" below.

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Michelle Helena Janssen