Tyrell Trey

Selected by: James Keith

Name: Tyrell Trey

Where He’s From: London

When He Started: 2016

Genre: R&B

File Next To: Col3trane, James Vickery, Miller Blue

Sounds Like: “I would say alternative R&B, but I’ve got tracks sat waiting to be released that are a fusion of sounds I like from all over the place. I feel like every project will have its own sound.”

First Music That Inspired Him: “It’s too hard to single out one particular song, but watching Little Simz’s journey and come-up lit a fire in me to take my art seriously. I remember her Fire In The Booth really shifted something within me when first listening to it.”

Emerging R&B talent Tyrell Trey made his first official entry into the music game mere weeks ago, but that was by no means the start of his journey. In fact, it was the culmination of several years of work honing his penmanship and tirelessly experimenting in the studio. He did release a small handful of tracks from that time, quietly uploading them to SoundCloud to test the water, but it wasn’t until he released “Worth” on TENNNN that he truly arrived. Now he stands as a fully-fledged artist with a more substantial idea of himself and his music.

In terms of the artists that soundtracked his upbringing, Trey says he’s forever thankful to his family for exposing him to an eclectic range of music. “Growing up,” he says, “my mum would always be bumping D’Angelo, Aaliyah, 702 and other R&B/soul mostly, but also a lot of garage. I’ve also spent a lot of time around my nan and grandad and they’d be listening to Motown and Stax records, which is probably why I’d probably say I feel most at home within soul music.” A positive but humble young artist, Trey speaks modestly of his considerable achievements, but not without ambition. He describes his debut single, “Worth”, as “a brutally honest introduction to me, talking about the journey so far,” calling it “a track about growth and seeing the beauty in every roadblock you will overcome.” Uplifting and soothing all at once, “Worth” introduces us to a singer focused on making a positive impact with his music.

Of course, with 2020 being what it is, live appearances aren’t quite on the card yet, but Tyrell Trey sees live music as the next step in his journey. After all, he already has a healthy online following (he’s a model, too, btw) and “Worth” has done considerable numbers online. Not to mention, he already seems familiar with certain aspects of the lifestyle. “I’m only really at the beginning of the journey,” he says, “so for me, touring is all yet to come. But there have been times where I’ve not been home or stayed in my own bed for weeks! Staying in studios and being the last one out of an event because I couldn’t get home is a regular.”

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Posted on July 29, 2020