Tiggs Da Author

Selected by: James Keith

Name: Tiggs Da Author

Where He’s From: Tanzania via London

When He Started: “Properly in 2010; I started MCing with my friends. I saw that all the rappers were getting girls so decided it was for me!”

Genre: R&B

File Next To: Shakka, J Hus, Not3s

Sounds Like: “Eclectic soul with an African influence, however, I always make different stuff. For example, my mixtape—which I am currently in the process of putting out—is more UK rap-led, and has a lot of Caribbean and dancehall influence. But this sound is quite different to my album, which I’m also working on. I want to make music that appeals to many different people.”

First Music That Inspired Him: “‘Wot U Call It’ by Wiley.”

Growing up in Tanzania, Tiggs Da Author’s unique sound was informed primarily by his family and the eclectic mix of sounds that permeated their home. “My family listened to a lot of different music, but mainly African jazz and the likes of Fela Kuti,” says Tiggs. “Also, my mum listened to a lot of Motown records like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, as well as blues and jazz records like Boots Brown and Bobby Bland.” Each of those sounds can be heard in everything that Tiggs puts out, whether it’s a guest verse for Frisco or one of his solo ventures. It can also be heard in the artists he chooses to collaborate with. Everyone from Blade Brown and LD to Nines and Belly Squad have joined him in the studio on a plethora of tracks that range from Afroswing and dancehall right through to the straight-up rap that first inspired him to pick up a mic.

Tiggs Da Author first grabbed our attention back in 2015 when he collaborated with Leshurr on his now-signature hit “Run”. The track became a massive success for Tiggs, introducing him to a huge new fanbase and putting his name firmly on the map. That success was a few years in the making, though, coming after several years honing his sound from something more rap-based into the melting pot of influences that we hear today. Even his name has evolved somewhat: “My name comes from the Winnie The Pooh character, Tigger,” he explained. “When I was at school, I had the Tigger backpack and hat so everyone started to call me Tigger. Then, when I started to sing and rap, I wanted to tell stories in my music so I added ‘Da Author’. So, for a while, I was Tigger Da Author but then I shortened it to Tiggs, as that’s what everyone called me anyway.”

Now, in 2019, Tiggs Da Author is a certified hitmaker. “Nasti Riddim”, his recent collaboration with Not3s, dropped just last month and could well replace “Run” as his number one fan fave. With its deft fusion of Afrobeats, dancehall and pop, as well as the two artists’ perfectly-paired vocal tones, you’ll be left wondering why the two didn’t jump on a track earlier. Not only that, but add it to the long list of infectious, well-rounded hits he’s got under his belt, and you’ve got a peerless track record. Surely, now’s the time for a Tiggs Da Author album?

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Posted on July 10, 2019