WHY I RATE: Corleone

Selected by: Zak Agnew

Name: Corleone

Where He’s From: Lewisham, South East London

When He Started: 2014

Genre: UK rap

File Next To: Blade Brown, Snap Capone, Youngs Teflon

Sounds Like: “Reality rap.”

First Music That Inspired Him: “Listening to Dipset made me want to start writing and creating music. But I also grew up on Motown, Michael Jackson, reggae, jungle, house, garage and hip-hop. I loved hip-hop culture—graffiti, breakdancing—and would watch films like Beat Street and Krush Groove every day.”

Entering the UK rap scene six years ago, Corleone represented a new era of road rap. Speaking to the reality of the streets, the Lewisham native is one of the few that have made it easier to distinguish between those who rap lies, and those who have genuine truth behind their bars. “I believe strongly in codes of silence and have learned the values of life from the streets,” he tells TRENCH. “I believe strongly in morals, principles, respect and honour, but not mixing these things up with pride and ego.”

The extent of Corleone’s impact on UK rap doesn’t stop with his own output: launching GB Records the same year he started rapping, he has started to see huge success in representing new generational talents like TeeZandos and Isong, two artists setting off their careers with truly unique sounds. “With TeeZandos, we’ve had a brilliant year and exceeded our expectations,” he says. “I’m very happy about her nomination for Best Female Artist at this year’s Rated Awards; that’s already a win for us. She’s in a league of her own. We’ve got a big record dropping next month featuring Fizzler, so this year’s just about pushing her beyond her limits.” Isong has had a brilliant year too, with the success of “Have You Ever Heard A Love Song On Drill?”, which successfully blends elements of R&B with UK drill.

Since the release of The Godfather mixtape in 2014, Corleone has been feeding the streets with single releases, but the fans have been satisfied. His flow, delivery, song composition and overall musicality has progressed immensely and the foundation of his music will always remain firm in realness. With a date yet to be confirmed, the wait for the next Corleone project will soon be over as he preps Omertà, his new mixtape, featuring Snap Capone, Stardom, Deep Green, and more. “The new tape is scriptures and tales from when I was deep in the thick of the streets, taking you right there as a listener,” he adds. Corleone is ready for round two, and you should be too.

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Posted on August 13, 2020