Selected by: Aaron Bishop

Name: Ambush

Where He’s From: Camden, North West London

When He Started: 2005

Genre: UK Rap

File Next To: Suspect, Morrisson, Asco

Sounds Like: “A venn diagram of rap, grime and trap music.”

First Music That Inspired Him: “Michael Jackson, but with this rap stuff, 50 Cent.”

In 2018, Ambush put the UK rap scene in a headlock with his breakout single “Jumpy”, racking up over 11 million views to date and spawning a remix with North London royalty in Skepta and Chip. But that was just the beginning. Through his music, Ambush channels the gritty, raw spirit of the streets, evoking the energy of a bygone era where road rap was at the forefront of the scene and the likes of K Koke and Joe Black were at the top of the pile.

On tracks like “Blood” and “Already”, A.M.B. talks about coming out of prison and the need to get his money up for not only himself, but those around him—stretching as far as his parents to the plug—and how far he’s willing to go to get it. Meanwhile, on tracks such as “Drama” and “Day Ones”, he’s more introspective with lyrics about his fallen comrades (including his cousin) and those locked up behind bars. Ambush’s brazen honesty and tales from the roads, the traphouse and jail permeate his music. Since his breakout year, the rapper has been putting in the work and has collaborated and toured with the likes of Dappy, Giggs and C Biz, as well as some of the best of the new school in Bugzy Malone, Yxng Bane and Ms Banks, among others.

Armed with one of the most unique flows in UK music, Ambush has consistently shown his ability to expertly deliver his perspective on the events that have taken place in his life and surroundings by using witty bars and clever punchlines. In his videos, he spits every bar with as much vim as he does inside the booth, oozing with a charm and charisma that makes it hard for even the most prudent of rap fans not to be drawn in. Growing up around his older brothers and their friends, Ambush was well-schooled in music, with everyone from Tupac to D Double E (and some Angolan music) helping to shape his ear for music at an early age. His brother also had a studio in their house, resulting in him spitting bars in the booth since 2005.

With tour life stories including groupies and being left behind at the hotel by Giggs, it seems as though A.M.B. is already living the rap star lifestyle and is ready to double down on his rap status with his Ask My Brother mixtape (due June 5). Sounding like “a hard-hitting street album”, Ambush says he wants to deliver an “honest depiction” of where his mind has been at and how life has been in the last couple of years. The streets have been asking for it, but now the Buzzworl takeover truly begins.

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Posted on May 20, 2020