TRENCH Radio 155: The Best Mixes Of The Week

Words: James Keith
Image via Instagram

Between SoundCloud, YouTube, Mixcloud and everything else, it can feel like we’re being overwhelmed by an impenetrable, almost infinite stream of music, often of varying quality. You need a soundtrack to start your weekend right, but you don’t have the requisite lifetime to trawl through the week’s new DJ mixes. To help you out, we’ve done the busy work for you. We’ll be running this series every single Friday of every single week to bring you the very finest house music, grime, techno, bashment, R&B, trap, D&B, Amapiano, and no doubt a bunch of stuff that doesn’t have a name yet.

Dive into TRENCH Radio’s best mixes of the week below.


p-rallel for NTS Radio

By his own admission, p-rallel was a little... foggy-headed on his latest show, but his selections were still as spritely and energetic as ever. Lots of big, full-bodied house and garage bumpers in this one to prime us for his big Nevermind show at KOKO at the end of the month. All but guaranteed to sell out, he’s bringing Jael, Jordss, Yemz and a bag of new tunes he’s made specifically for the night. Don’t expect him to be quite as chilled out on the night though.

Gabriella for Subtle Radio

Gabriella’s latest Subtle show just hit the internet. Bouncy and percussive throughout, this one’s as much about the outlandish edits and blends as it is about blowing the cobwebs away. Recontextualising rap from both sides of the Atlantic by setting them against club gems new and old is hard not to enjoy, but her combination of Giggs and Benny Benassi was nothing short of inspired.

Medussar for Pound And Yam

Berlin-based designer and DJ Medussar, aka Elissar, was in Dalston recently, taking to the decks with a bag of high-energy selections. First inspired by what she saw as a lack of multi-genre parties around her, especially those with grime in the mix, she’s been spinning for a few years now—in addition to running her own fashion label and a few other endeavours. Putting all of that creativity into this new set, she combines the choppy, giddy energy of grime, jungle and Jersey Club (and plenty of juiced-up edits too).

Benteki for Reprezent

It’s the end of an era as Benteki says goodbye to Reprezent Radio with his last ever show. The highly versatile selector’s been at the station for eight years now and he went out with one hell of a bang. To help him see his tenure out, he called on six top-tier MCs: C4, Kruz Leone, Logan, Roachee, Scrufizzer and Crafty 893. He’s been at the helm of some of the station’s most iconic grime sets over the years, including giants like Frisco, Footsie and Novelist—this one rivals them all. You can’t say the new era of grime isn’t in good hands.

Oblig B2B Silkie B2B Oneman B2B Jossy Mitsu B2B L-Vis 1990 for Rinse FM

We couldn’t let this one pass without a mention. Celebrating five years at Rinse, Oblig brought in four other DJs for a massive B2B2B2B2B set with Silkie, Oneman, Jossy Mitsu and L-Vis 1990. Though all operating in quite different spheres within UK club culture, all five have their roots in the country’s bass-oriented sound system culture, whether that’s grime, dubstep, jungle, garage or something similar.

Posted on March 01, 2024