TRENCH Radio 130: The Best Mixes Of The Week

Words: James Keith
Photography: Yushy

Between SoundCloud, YouTube, Mixcloud and everything else, it can feel like we’re being overwhelmed by an impenetrable, almost infinite stream of music, often of varying quality. You need a soundtrack to start your weekend right, but you don’t have the requisite lifetime to trawl through the week’s new DJ mixes. To help you out, we’ve done the busy work for you. We’ll be running this series every single Friday of every single week to bring you the very finest house music, grime, techno, bashment, R&B, trap, D&B, Amapiano, and no doubt a bunch of stuff that doesn’t have a name yet.

Dive into TRENCH Radio’s best mixes of the week below.


Major League DJz for Mixmag

South African ambassadors of all things Amapiano, Major League DJz have been making themselves at home in London recently, dropping in at just about every platform (a sweltering set at Outernet caused a stormy). They’ve also been working on tracks at the temporary studio they set up in Putney (incidentally, they just released a new track called “All Night Long” with fellow South Africans, R&B singer Elaine and producer Yumbs), but it was a set at Nando’s of all places that was the jewel in the crown. They played plenty of the usual piano scorchers you’d expect from them, of course, but there were a few surprises too as they put SA spins on everything from J Hus and Drake’s “Who Told You” to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling”—with a few more twists we won’t spoil.

DJ Delish B2B Chris B for WKDU

Ballroom and vogue innovator DJ Delish went B2B with WKDU regular Chris B this week for an hour-plus marathon of club music. Both Philadelphia natives, they’re better positioned than most to source the very best Baltimore, Jersey and their hometown have to offer, but thanks to Delish it was a chance to stir in a big dose of ballroom too. The whole thing is a treasure trove of dancefloor magic for anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into all three cities. Sadly, there’s no tracklist to speak of, but if you’re looking for a starting point, the B’more version of Mosca’s “Bax” with Big Ria is an absolute must-have.

Zefer for Reprezent

It’s been a big year for Zefer. Not only did he put out Before It Gets Too Late, a crowning achievement that should absolutely be remembered when we’re all drawing up our year-end lists, by the way, but his Reprezent show and Steppers Club label continue to thrive and he’s about to head out on a UK tour. A recent session with Novelist is up there with the best of them, but this latest one, filmed as part of Reprezent’s ongoing 100 series, is a short-and-sweet example of what he’s capable of. What’s more, it also features a couple of highlights from Before It Gets Too Late. Once you’ve taken that in, you might also like to know he also has a side hustle running an impressively well-stocked archive of grime and garage sets called Take Me Back on YouTube.

Fork & Knife for Solitude

Fresh home from a stint at Boomtown, Bristol’s Fork + Knife was called on for the latest Solitude MCR. Sitting in that overlap between grime and garage that he has so much fun with, it’s a quick sprint at just over half an hour, but he packs a lot in. He’s also been in the studio quite a bit it seems and this new mix just so happens to feature both tracks from his most recent release, “Skid Risk” and “Halfwit”. There are a few more of his own recent productions in there too as well as some fresh cuts from Ozwald, Skelecta and Distinkt, Moscow Legend, and more.

Skrillex, Peekaboo, Sicaria, Sarz & M1OnTheBeat w/ Flowdan for Kindred

Skrillex has been in the UK for a bunch of festival and club appearances over the summer. Among the highlights were stints at Parklife, Printworks, and this surprise appearance at the Kindred shopfront with Peekaboo, Sicaria, Sarz, M1OnTheBeat, and Flowdan. Part of the session was to celebrate Skrillex, Peekaboo, G-Rex and Flowdan’s collab “Badders” and the set was originally recorded and teased a few weeks ago, but it’s only just made its way online to coincide with the actual release. A bit looser than the usual Kindred format, it’s basically a B2B2B2B2B free-for-all. As packed and energetic as that legendary Travs Presents set, this is serious FOMO material.

Posted on August 18, 2023