TRENCH Radio: 11 Of The Best Mixes This Week

SoundCloud (while it still lives) can be an impenetrable, infinite stream of music, often of varying quality. You need a soundtrack to start your weekend right, but you don't have the requisite lifetime to trawl through the week's new DJ mixes. To help you out, we've done the busy work for you. We'll be running this series every single Friday of every single week to bring you the very finest in house, grime, techno, bashment, R&B, trap, D&B and no doubt a bunch of extremely trendy stuff that doesn't have a name yet.

This week, we had tried to include 12 mixes (hence the name of the playlist) but SoundCloud being the hot mess that it is kept deleting mixes at random. Technology, yay! Anyway, fortunately we've got plenty of amazing music to calm ourselves down. Coyote Records don VIO_L3T took us through some wild club sounds that fans of his Cloud Tech EP will enjoy; purveyor of global club music and one third of LV, Okzharp delved deep into his impressive record collection; Bristol's Alexa M slapped a big grin on our faces with her shamelessly joyous mix of club bangers; dubstep and bass pioneer Martyn took us on a mind-expanding journey of low-end rhythms; and, finally, Australia's Carly Foxx gave us a selection of her favourite US-inspired club heaters.

This is TRENCH Radio's best mixes of the week.

Posted on June 29, 2018