TRENCH Radio 101: The Best Mixes Of The Week

Words: James Keith

SoundCloud (while it still lives) can be an impenetrable, infinite stream of music, often of varying quality. You need a soundtrack to start your weekend right, but you don’t have the requisite lifetime to trawl through the week’s new DJ mixes. To help you out, we’ve done the busy work for you. We’ll be running this series every single Friday of every single week to bring you the very finest house music, grime, techno, bashment, R&B, trap, D&B, Amapiano, and no doubt a bunch of stuff that doesn’t have a name yet.

Dive into TRENCH Radio’s best mixes of the week below.


Jyoty for Mixmag

Recorded in the depths of a flu fever, Jyoty’s first recorded mix of the year, despite the circumstances of its creation, is a joyous one. Although there’s plenty of box-fresh newness and a couple of bootlegs (“for the fiends,” as she puts it), this one focuses just as much on stirring emotions and capturing moments in time, whether it’s Julio Bashmore’s “Battle For Middle You” or the decision to sandwich one of her own tunes between Missy and Ciara. From broken beat to Baile funk, pieced together as only a “rave lifer” could.

Nancy June for Kindred LDN

Back in full swing for 2023, the Kindred store welcomed Balamii and Foundation FM resident Nancy June for a mix. Nestled between pupil-dilating rave sets from Bailey Ibbs and Papa Nugs, Nancy whipped up an hour of grimey rollers, jumpy breakbeats and brooding 2-steps. A shining example of the kind of genreless agility of UK club music defining the 2020s, look out for bassy beauties from Denham Audio, Warrior Queen, and Interplanetary Criminal.

Mighty Mark for Moveltraxx

Over two decades since its inception, Baltimore Club continues to thrive and that’s in no small part down to the hard work of people like Mighty Mark, who’s been a mainstay in the scene since 2007. Last week, he turned in a mix for Moveltraxx (the Paris/London label who’ve also played a major role in B’more’s vitality) on their Apple Music show. That hit SoundCloud this week and it features a load of Mark’s own tunes along with gems from Moveltraxx boss Big Dope P, UNIIQU3, several appearances from TT The Artist and the Shakeoff pioneer himself, DJ K-Spin.

DJ Squarewave for Subtle Radio

Last year, South Londoner and boss of New World Audio DJ Squarewave jetted out to South America and while there connected with a bunch of different DJs and producers pushing their own idiosyncratic takes on dubstep. Fattening his record bag along the way, he’s included a bunch of those finds in his latest show on Subtle. The centrepiece of the whole mix, though, is the inclusion of all four tracks from Trashbat’s ultra-weighty Devil’s Work EP, including that pneumatic collab with D&B motormouth legend Crazy D.

Warlock for Balamii

In the 34 years that Warlock has been making and mixing music, he’s maintained an almost unerring devotion to only the newest and most exciting developments in rave culture. From early ‘90s hardcore through to the breakbeat-driven sounds of now, he’s always kept it fresh (and, more often than not, knuckle-whiteningly heavy). That’s more or less what you can expect from his latest Balamii show, which ties more spartan rollers with heavier slammers and features new or unreleased creations from Eich, Bluetoof, Rhyw, Gramrcy, TSVI, Untold and more.

Rupture (Double O w/ Blackeye MC) for Rinse FM

Rupture is, essentially, the combined work of DJ/producers Double O and Mantra, but really it’s much more of a family. Since its formation as a club night in ’06 and later a radio show and record label, Rupture has embraced an ever-growing cast of D&B and jungle’s best and brightest of the modern era. That includes Blackeye MC, a regular fixture at their club nights and the guiding vocal force on this radio show with Double O.

Posted on January 13, 2023