TRENCH Radio: 10 Of The Best Mixes This Week

Photography: Jody Hartley

Another week closer to oblivion, but at least the music’s good. We’ve scoured the internet once again to bring you the latest and greatest DJ mixes and radio shows (providing they meet the criteria). As ever, we’ve gone through a range of sounds and styles, including rap, jungle, grime, house music, Jersey Club, Amapiano, gqom, bassline, Afro-tech, acid, and beyond, it’ll just be more inclusive from now on. This week’s highlights include footwork-hard-house hybrids, intergalactic purple dubstep from Bristol, and a sugar-rush dose of loved-up garage in time for Valentine’s Day.

So, without further ado, here are this week’s best mixes.

SUMGii w/ Gemmy

Image via Instagram

This week we got a double whammy from 616 co-founder and joint CEO of Potent Funk Records SUMGii. On Rinse, he teamed up with Snowy for a quick but deep and immersive barring session as part of Marcus Nasty’s Stimulus Takeover and then, heading south of the river to Balamii. SUMGii himself opened with a woozy mix of way out rap, jazzy funk, and experimental beats, before Bristol legend and dubstep innovator Gemmy stepped up for a guest mix of way out, leftfield bass patterns with an emphasis on the purple funk sound he and Joker perfected.

Hartta w/ Texture

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Bristol/Seville DJ and producer Hartta aka T’iwu Sound has been spending the bulk of his time in the sunnier of those two cities, but he continues to rep hard for the UK’s underground via his regular Threads show. For the latest, and first of the year, Granada-born, Madrid-based duo La Textura open with an hour of cosmic beats, abstract hip-hop, and even trance, but the host steps in for a swirl of garage, broken beats, bruk, breaks, and a few atmospheric points that threaten to draw us into the techy/dubstep crossover. Murky and absorbing from the outset, the two sets combined are somehow warming and chilly all at the same time.

Murder He Wrote

Photography: Jane Siesta

Murder He Wrote first grabbed our attention a few years ago with his UK funky sets and productions, but his palette’s expanded considerably since then. Nowadays it’s pretty much anything goes and this latest one for Thomas Ferrare’s [re]sources outfit is about as representative as it’s possible to get. Chopped up soulful B’more sits alongside chirpy amapiano groovers as well as jazzy garage, classic 2000s dance pop, and an inspired fusion of Unknown T with a Jakes & Joker wobbler. And there’s a good chunk of his own new and unreleased productions as well so make sure you head straight to Bandcamp when you’re done.

DJ Stolen w/ MA1

Image via Instagram

For years now, Bristol’s DJ Stolen has been finding common cause between all sorts of genres. Back in the mid-2010s that meant stitching threads between grime and other underground club sounds, but more recently he’s been uncovering connections between UK funky, tribal house, amapiano and so on. Of a similar mind is UK funky pioneer MA1 who opens Stolen’s show this week with a laid-back take on funky and amapiano, focusing on the more soothing and melodic aspects. Then, at the mid-point, Stolen takes the reigns, turns up the tempo and puts the focus back on UK funky, but still stirring in occasional moments of breakbeat and garage to keep it jumpy.

Sammy Virji

Photography: Sammy Virji

Single or loved up, there’s no escaping Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t have to be a drain on your finances or another crushing reminder that there’s a very real chance you might die alone. If Sammy Virji’s to be believed, it can actually be fun. Serving up just shy of an hour of big, juicy garage bouncers, the vast majority of the tracks played are his own productions, many of them unreleased. Mixed in with that expect romance, heartbreak, and wall-to-wall bangers from MPH, Tuffculture, salute, Conducta, Notion, Higgo, and more.

Bok Bok w/ Zaida

Photography: Damon Cromer

It’s been all go for Bok Bok since, well, forever really, but this past year or so have felt particularly hectic for the South Londoner. He launched his AP Life venture last year with a stack of grime-drill fusions from Nammy Wams, Kid D and himself (as One Bok), threw the new label’s first party, and his Rinse show continues apace. The latest saw him take it back to the fundamentals of grime, plotting the genre’s very earliest days and drawing out the seminal tracks—much of them in the ‘dark garage’ stage—that thrashed out the blueprint of what was to come.

Kirby-T B2B Charisma w/ M.I.C

Photography: Lewis Davies

Talk about a triple threat. Kirby-T had a pretty packed one this week, hosting a bouncy, multi-genre set B2B with Medley P, with rising stars Joe Fire, Doni Rampage and Aaze on mic duties. Then, on Wednesday, he hopped over to Pyro to join Charisma on deck for a grime session that took it back to the raw essentials, thanks in no small part to M.I.C. The North Londoner’s bars don’t get talked about enough, if we’re honest, and this week he gave us a tonne of diamonds, including but by no means limited to: “If I was a vampire I would eat your hemoglobin up like fudge / In other words, I’ll neck your blood”. Just… what else is there to say?

Mumdance w/ Novelist & Grandmixxer

Photography: Tom Weatherill

You might have noticed that Mumdance has been a little quiet the past few years. Well, earlier this week, Jack took to Twitter and Instagram to explain what he’d been going through. This column isn’t the time or place to go into that—you can read for yourself on his socials—the point is he’s back. Best of all, he went to the Herculean effort of uploading a vast archive of mixes and radio shows from across his career. There are tonnes to choose from, but we picked this absolute riot he recorded with Novelist and Grandmixxer aboard a boat off the coast of Croatia for Outlook Festival. If you look back fondly on the mid-2010s grime resurgence, this is guaranteed to bring a tear or two to your eye.

Sherelle B2B RP Boo

Photography: Jody Hartley

Recorded last year, but uploaded to the Unsound SoundCloud this week, Sherelle and RP Boo’s B2B set in Krakow was like a release of pent-up ravey energy. The pair have been firm friends for a few years now, trading stories and building a transatlantic alliance across the 160 spectrum, from jungle to footwork. A shining example of how to balance soul, grooves and bone-rattling energy all at once, look out for tonne of footwork remixes and bootlegs, especially the hard house ones. And, in a somewhat poetic moment, this set also marked the 10th anniversary of the time Spinn & Rashad first brought footwork to the festival back in 2011. Beautiful.


Photography: @khaliphotography

Jungle’s rising star Sabrina continues her dizzying sprint to the top with news of a dirty great rave in Copenhagen. She’s in esteemed company for this one, joining Metalheadz stalwarts Rizzle, Medic MC, and the top dog himself Goldie. As a primer, she’s put together this short-and-sweet 30-minute session of jungle lunacy so intensive it borders on breakcore at times. Still, she stops just short of armageddon, keeping it packed with euphoric moments and plenty of deep, bassy grooves. If you’re in Denmark on Feb 18, you’ve been blessed.

Posted on February 11, 2022