TRENCH Radio: 10 Of The Best Mixes This Week

SoundCloud (while it still lives) can be an impenetrable, infinite stream of music, often of varying quality. You need a soundtrack to start your weekend right, but you don't have the requisite lifetime to trawl through the week's new DJ mixes. To help you out, we've done the busy work for you. We'll be running this series every single Friday of every single week to bring you the very finest in house, grime, techno, bashment, R&B, trap, D&B and no doubt a bunch of extremely trendy stuff that doesn't have a name yet.

First up, El.Train used his latest radio session to remind us just how much phenomenal rap, hip-hop and R&B we've had from both sides of the Atlantic this month; Big Dope P paid tribute to the late Chicago house legend Paul Johnson and celebrated his towering contributions to rave culture; co-founder of Leeds collective Curbside, BP stirred up the summer vibes with some bright and bouncy garage selections; Charisma slapped a smile on the world's face with a wildly varied selection of dubstep, garage and all manner of bassy club styles; ATL selector KNZ whipped up just over an hour of deep house grooves, funk licks and a few techy flourishes to boot; KG made her inaugural Dekmantel session a big one with a masterful blend of Afro-house, Afro-Tech and a good dose of funk; Brooklyn-based QRTR balanced deep, cavernous grooves with bursts of intoxicating high energy in her latest mix; the Juke Bounce Werk family invited Threads radio regular Introspekt for a turbo-charged cocktail of jungle, footwork, hardcore and a huge heap of bass; DJ Haram delivered a heart-stopping blast of percussive, multi-genre club thunder; and, finally, Rupture's Double and Mantra celebrated FOLD's grand reopening with a monstrous jungle set featuring Blackeye MC, Bryan Gee, Equinox, Forest Drive West, Sound Art Hannah and Sweetpea.

This is TRENCH Radio's best mixes of the week.

Photography: @y.l_atl

Posted on August 13, 2021