TRENCH Radio: 9 Of The Best Mixes This Week

You know the deal with this round-up by now. It's Friday, you've (hopefully) finished work, you're looking for tonight's motive... but you need a soundtrack. Well, once again we've got you covered with a broad selection that takes in hip-hop, house music, techno, R&B and ambient. Sadly, we're still a few days shy of Halloween so our promise of spooky mixes has been broken and our word rendered worthless.

Anyway, back to this week. Despite the lack of skeleton and ghost-related puns, this week still has more than its share of highlights. Dobby packed in her mix enough carnival percussion to wake the dead; DJ S.K.T. delivered some of the most joyful 4x4 we've ever heard; Benny L stepped up for his fabriclive with some jaw-crunching D&B; and Helena Hauff, as always, stole the show with an hour of heavy, unforgiving techno slammers.

This is TRENCH Radio's best mixes of the week.

Posted on October 27, 2017