TRENCH Radio: 10 Of The Best Mixes This Week

You know the deal with this round-up by now. It's Friday, you've (hopefully) finished work, you're looking for tonight's motive... but you need a soundtrack. Well, once again we've got you covered with a broad selection that takes in hip-hop, house music, techno, R&B and ambient. We'd love to say there was a theme tying this all together, but that would be a lie. Keep an eye out for next week's roundup for the obligatory list of Halloween-themed sessions.

Anyway, back to this week. One of this week's most notable highlights would have to go to Seth Troxler, who recorded a massive eight-hour set he played at Blitz club in Munich. Special shouts should also go out to Kulv Reyatt who contributed a mix to K2RAH's So Future series; to Jamz Supernova for her future bass mix-and-blend; to James Blake friend and collaborator Airhead for his stunning collection of electronics; to Ganesa for her ear-popping electro mix; and to bass don Walton for his non-stop hour of grime, dancehall and ragga hype for Pack London.

This is TRENCH Radio's best mixes of the week.

Posted on October 20, 2017