The Essence Of Love In 100 Songs

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time. If you’re single, you have to tolerate all the loved-up grossness of those around you; if you’re in a relationship, especially a new one, you have to second guess your partner’s gift/card policy. If I get them a huge gift and they just give me a card will I look obsessive? Equally, if they go all out with dinner and flowers and so on, am I heartless?

It’s a minefield.

One thing you won’t have to stress over this year is your soundtrack. Whether you’re loved-up with a new bae, linking up for a one-time thing or shame-eating your way through that third box of chocolates, we’ve got you covered. In our huge 100-track playlist, we’ve collected together the very best the UK has to offer when it comes to late-night seductive heat, soppy declarations of love, and break-up power anthems. It’s not just R&B, either. From Dave’s tearjerker “How I Met My Ex” to K Koke and Meleka’s “Ride Or Die Princess”, there’s more to romance than smooth beats and sweetness.

So, whether you’re a Bouff Daddy looking to get friendly or you’re having woman trouble, at least a third of this playlist should be right up your street. Celebrate, commiserate or just ignore the 14th altogether—here’s our Valentine’s Day playlist.


Photography: Anton Corbijn

Posted on February 14, 2018