Piers Morgan: The Monster Britain Created

Words: Jesse Bernard

It just got worse. It really did.

Piers Morgan needs only a little incentive to become the scourge of the online world. Weeks after falling flat on his face in a heated exchange with trans model Munroe Burgdorf, following L'Oreal dropping her from a campaign, Morgan decided one public embarrassment wasn't enough and in fine fashion, he outdid himself. In his latest column for the Daily Mail, Morgan took personal offence to the use of the N-word in rap music and subsequently blamed rappers, Kanye West especially, for the slur being used in a recent viral video featuring members of the Alpha Phi Sorority at the University of New Hampshire. Morgan's attack on West was easy; the rapper has become so divisive and polarising that even when passive, he remains a threat to white sensibility.

The politics of the use of the N-word is long past debate, though. In my twenty-seven years of earthly experience, I've learned that if people want to do things, very little will stop them from doing so. A simple rule of thumb, however, is this: any white person only using the word in jest is more than aware of its implications, and believing otherwise would be insulting your own intelligence. At this point, the only thing more offensive than a Piers Morgan soundbite or article is the contagiousness of second-hand embarrassment. Some commentators are so far out of touch with reality that the inflation of their egos has shrouded them from scorn of everyday folk, and that's why people like Morgan and Katie Hopkins are effective at what they do.

Of course, there's something to be said about rising to a cave troll as abhorrent as Piers Morgan; a lot of the time, it's self-sabotaging. You want to read what he has to say because, no matter how eloquently he presents his argument (which is a rarity in itself), the absurdity of it leaves you wondering whether it was worth leaving Twitter for those painstaking two minutes it took to read an article a five-year-old could've written. That said, Morgan — whether we like it or not — is a necessary evil. Not one we have to tolerate, but one we have to be aware that exists. We've all had IRL conversations with white people similar to the tone of many of Morgan's arguments. While neo-nazis have been emboldened by Trump's regressive and dangerous politics, Morgan's self-appointment as a spokesperson on issues pertaining to the black delegation, is a result of race being such a focal point in society.

A Piers Morgan article nowadays tends to lead to intense online debates. It's part of the intended effect and we discuss until we turn blue; meanwhile, Morgan cackles from beyond his underground dwelling from which he tweets. Many say we should ignore him and that rising to his taunts are a form of self-sabotage. In some respects, those people aren't wrong. We gain little from the following back and forths with trolls on Twitter and comment sections, but these are conversations white people are having when black people aren't present yet they're now being had so openly, just like they always have been, in our presence.

But whatever Morgan's intentions were when writing his latest column for that rag of a tabloid, they fell short of his desired effect. Empowering ignorant and bigoted people to use the N-word more freely leads to outcomes where hands are thrown and everyone's left wondering, 'How did we get here?' White people have never needed an excuse to use the word, and no amount of appeal from someone as severely detested by the British population as Piers Morgan will change that.

The most tragic aspect of it all, is Morgan's obsession with The Wests. With the vigour in which he disses Kim Kardashian's thirst trapping, he fails to acknowledge the irony in his own behaviour. Leaving the UK for pastures new in the USA, to which he was eventually driven out of due to poor ratings, Morgan now relies on shock and hate-clicks in order to stay relevant. Whatever our individual opinions are on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Morgan's online existence has now become dependent on the pervasiveness of the celebrity power couple and his commentary on blackness.

The imbalanced power exchange between black culture and white media culture still exists here; morally, blackness comes out on top, but Morgan will be back next week with another tone deaf rant. I mean, if Piers really wants to send Britain into an irreversible meltdown while profiting from the ashes, he need only write a piece on why he should be considered to be the next person to take up the mantle of James Bond.

Posted on September 22, 2017