Happy “Black Boys” Celebration Day!

I am officially naming today, Wednesday 18th October, Black Boys Celebration Day. Which is fitting, because today marks the 10-year anniversary of “Black Boys”—Bashy’s triumphant, 2007-released single, and one which many believe to be his magnum opus. This song came out when I was 19 years old, a critical age for a young man—especially a young black man living here in England. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life back then, what path I wanted to take: a career in the music business, or potentially a great life from (easy) street money. But, by reading this, you can probably guess what path I chose. While young black men continue to be demonised for just being them, and sometimes even murdered for the fact, we should look to songs like “Black Boys” for inspiration and upliftment, when it doesn’t feel like there’s any for us out there in the world.

Taking lead from the last 60 seconds of the track, I decided to list some inspirational black people in (and out of) this crazy, challenging industry whose grinds I respect highly. We all have egos—I say I don’t, but I do—and might sometimes feel like we can’t salute a next man for doing great work without fear of looking like an absolute beg. But today, I’m here to buck that trend. Let us continue to create strong and positive representations of ourselves so we can gain further ground in telling our own, unique, stories.


Pastor Patterson (Dad)
Austin Daboh
Alec Boateng
Alex Boateng
Ashley Thomas (aka Bashy)
Ashley Walters
Ashley Verse
Darcus Beese
Daniel Kaluuya
Duane Jones
Carns Hill
Edward Enninful
Glyn Aikins
Jamal Edwards
John Boyega
J Hus
Lucien Clarke
Rashid Kasirye
Riki Blue
Rich Castillo
Samuel Ross
Sir Spyro
Steven Cee
Zeon Richards

And we can’t forget the work of black women, too:

Janet Patterson (Mum)
Joy Bell (Sister)
Amber Davis
Carla Marie Williams
Charlene White
Jamz Supernova
Julie Adenuga
Kanya King
Lady Leshurr
Liv Little
Lynette Nylander
Remel London
Roses Gabor
Sian Anderson
Siobhan Bell
Snoochie Shy

Posted on October 18, 2017