Danny ‘WheelUP’ Wheeler Turns The Heat Up With New Bruk Jams “Goodness, Gracious Me” And “We Shape The Future”

Danny ‘WheelUP’ Wheeler, a hero in the broken beat or ‘bruk’ scene, first cut his teeth in drum & bass before becoming enamoured with the West London sound of deep grooves and dislocated rhythms.

After earning his WheelUP moniker from Bugz In The Attic’s Afronaut, Wheeler quickly embedded himself in the scene’s new school and found more close allies in the likes of Henry Wu, IG Culture and Goya Music. With a widely respected stock of broken beat jams of his own, he’s now ready to release two new ones, the double A-side drop “Goodness, Gracious Me” / “We Shape The Future”.

“Goodness, Gracious Me” is as urgent as bruk gets, showing the sound at its most dynamic and funky. “We Shape The Future”, on the other hand, revels in the sound’s more spartan tendencies. It still packs a big fat bounce to it, but the chopped up vocals and spacious beats leave a bit more room for surprises.

“Goodness, Gracious Me” / “We Shape The Future” officially drops tomorrow, November 27, via Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce.

Words: James Keith

Posted on November 26, 2020