EXCLUSIVE: Birmingham Producer Timma T Livens Up The Summer With UK Funky Thumper “Lua”

As the summer sun finally makes its presence felt here in the UK, what better time to start cranking up some UK funky? Offering up his contribution to your drum-heavy playlists is Birmingham DJ and producer Timma T with his new double single “Lua” / “Sol”.

Ahead of the official release on May 22 via Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce, he’s today unveiling Side A. Bursting through the bass bins with a densely-packed mix of frosty synths, shuddering bass and jumpy drum patterns, “Lua” is the kind of dancefloor anthem that will launch Timma T’s already blossoming career into the stratosphere.

This is the latest in a string of Future Bounce singles from newcomers and veterans that will culminate in a year-end compilation from the label.

Words: James Keith

Posted on May 20, 2020