Telemachus Recruits Killa P For A Molotov Cocktail Of Breakbeat, Jungle And Dancehall On “Wickedest Ting”

Tomorrow (May 22), Telemachus—aka Chemo, the producer extraordinaire responsible for a bunch of production on High Focus Records—will release his Molotov cocktail of a single “Wickedest Ting” with Killa P and with it, his new album Boring & Weird Historical Music.

The bone-crunching meld of jungle, breakbeat and dancehall is a huge departure from the laid-back calm of his last single “Greed” with Jerome Thomas at the top of the month, but it’s a testament to just how ambitiously eclectic his new album will be.

This second extract from the album also comes complete with some visuals from director Cretan Brake, who’s crafted a moody and menacing showing that backs Killa P’s battlecry rhymes with some ominous lighting and restrained flashes of colour.

Watch exclusively above and pre-order Boring & Weird Historical Music here.

Posted on May 21, 2020