EXCLUSIVE: MiniKingz Rhymer/Producer Rxlls Channels The Spirit Of Ali In “By Any Means” Visual

For the past five years, MiniKingz—and its members, Oscar #Worldpeace, BenjiFlow, Ragz Originale, E-WHIZZ, and RXLLS—have been steadily working on building the collective’s future, both as individuals and as a combined unit. That all came to a head this year with the release other Iconicy tape (a clear highlight of 2022, for what it’s worth), but their work as individuals hasn’t slowed down one bit, either.

Rxlls, for example, responsible for a good chunk of the outfit’s unique yet wholly natural combination of grime, rap and R&B, is today dropping “By Any Means”, a masterful treatise on the complicated realities of the modern world. There’s street talk about not “breaking down any details on camera”, but they brush up against his thoughts on motherhood, society, and politics, often in the same line.

For the video, he opts for a bold monochrome treatment. It’s a relatively straightforward piece, but the more eagle-eyed boxing fans will notice the repeated visual references to the iconic photography of Muhammad Ali training in the Big Smoke before his bouts against Brian London and Henry Cooper.

Words: James Keith
Thumbnail photography: Cosmo Webber

Posted on November 24, 2022