R&B Singer-Songwriter Richard Fairlie Makes A Haunting Plea For Post-Breakup Closure On “The Edge”

Birmingham-born singer-songwriter Richard Fairlie has spent almost his entire life creating music in one form or another. His influences are wide and far-reaching, stretching everywhere from Tyler, The Creator and Travis Scott to Jack Garratt and even Miley Cyrus. No sound or genre is off limits and it’s all been poured into something fluid and impossible to pin down.

Writing and recording of the track — which has been documented in the intimate studio visuals at the top — began in Paris with TNGHT producer Lunice, Octavian producer Phil Scully, and Usher producer Santell in Paris, before the European travel ban forced them to decamp to L.A, the final touches were then made with East London musician Dan D’Lion. Each of their influences can be heard in the mercurial, shifting electronics and rolling snares that underpin Fairlie’s pained, siren-like vocals that are at once hypnotising and anthemic.

Talking about the single, Richard told TRENCH: “The track is about that excessive painful overthinking that hits you after a closure-less break up. I guess I’m asking for that final punch — to be completely emotionally finished off — so I can have a reason to hate and stop over analysing every little detail.”

“The Edge” is out now on Columbia Records.

Words: James Keith

Posted on October 02, 2020