EXCLUSIVE: Reppatwa Returns After Brief Hiatus With Smoky Rap Cut “Day Begun”

After a hot minute away from making music, rising UK rapper Reppatwa is back with a brand new single and promise of a double EP on the horizon. "Day Begun" is the first track to be heard from the impending I Appear Courtesy Of (release date TBC) and sees Reps lace his West-Coast-meets-London flow over a laid-back, smoky hip-hop beat. It's a little different from cuts like "Malibu", but if the rest of the double EP features more of this distinctive blend of London and LA, then that's absolutely fine by us. Details surrounding I Appear Courtesy Of are scarce, but we're told it will be dropping in November. In the meantime, take a listen to "Day Begun" and keep an eye out for more teaser singles in the build up to release date.

Photography: Roda Medhat

Posted on October 24, 2017