EXCLUSIVE: Producer Jake Milliner And Hawk House’s Bubblerap Get Deep And Soulful On “Jack Jones”

The world may be moving faster than ever, connecting us with more people than ever before, but that doesn’t mean we have to tolerate dead weight in our social circles. That’s the message on “Jack Jones”, the new meeting of minds between South East London producer Jake Milliner and golden-voiced Hawk House singer Bubblerap, aka Demae Wodu.

We’ve been keeping tabs on Milliner for some time now, awed by his calming jazz instrumentals that have a consistent track record when it comes to washing away your problems. Equally, of course, Hawk House have their own prodigious reputation, adding profound depth to the UK hip-hop scene with their boundless creativity.

Putting the two together on “Jack Jones” has proved a match made in heaven, and just one in a long line of inspired team-ups the producer’s involved himself in lately (you’d do well to investigate his debut album Bernie Says, particularly the collab with Alfa Mist and Marcus Tenney, “Reminisce”).

The result is a slow-burning piece of soul-meets-rap-meets-jazz, with Bubblerap’s smouldering singing and low-slung bars gliding gracefully across Milliner’s deeply soothing instrumental. Fittingly, the visual treatment courtesy of Christopher Rogers is as subtle and unpretentious as the song itself, aiming the lens at Wodu as she delivers her entrancing vocals with stunning results.

Posted on October 16, 2019