1000Doors Boss Boardgame James Heads East With Shaytaan On Sinogrime-Inspired “Last Sunday Of The Year”

For anyone still unfamiliar, sinogrime is a sound that emerged out of London in the early 2000s, drizzled in the twang of East Asian motifs and instruments. “Last Sunday Of The Year”, the latest cut to emerge from Boardgame James’ new EP Step Into My Office EP, is of that ilk — a mystical journey through thick, coniferous forest dressed with bubbly loops and celestial xylophone strikes that bring tranquillity into an often chaotic world. For the older grime heads, the dazzlingly eclectic samples chosen by Boardgame James and Shaytaan reminds us of those pioneering instrumentals of the early 2000s, an era defined by the use of fondly-held beat-making software Fruity Loops. All the while, “Last Sunday Of The Year” cleanses the mindset, coating the air like incense, and gleaming in fantasy and adventure.

“Last Sunday Of The Year” will feature of new EP Step Into My Office, which drops February 12 2021 via 1000Doors. Ahead of the release, you can pre-order it here and get Bandcamp exclusive “Sunday Ruined” (Shaytaan’s Revenge).

Words: Ian Opolot
Artwork: Max Eru

Posted on February 11, 2021