EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Swann Takes Her R&B Storytelling To The Bedroom On Tongue-In-Cheek “Pillow Princess”

2021 was a non-stop year for R&B singer-songwriter Olivia Swann, firing off five singles and filling the time in between with regular live covers on her Instagram. Now, barely a week into the new year and she’s hitting the ground running in a major way with new single “Pillow Princess”.

Produced by J Warner and Alfie Rudman, it’s one of her more playful tunes, taking a look at bedroom behaviours with a nudge and a wink at those of us who are less, shall we say, proactive than others.

Inevitably, questions about a full length project are already being asked and although she remains coy for now, with a relentless output like this, there’s no doubt she’s got more than enough songs to pull it off.

For now, dip into “Pillow Princess” below.

Words: James Keith

Posted on January 06, 2022