Soul Singer Novine Soothes And Uplifts On “Perfection”

With a couple of EPs and a handful of singles to her name, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Novine is starting to gain a serious foothold in the music industry. Notching up more and more streams with each new release, her new single, “Perfection”, could be the one to outstrip them all. Her sound, a thoughtful update on classic soul for the 21st century, has never sounded better here; a slow-burning string section, a gentle drum beat and the occasional piano chord lay a subtle bed for her sublime vocals to offer her uplifting message of knowing your own worth.

Explaining more, Novine told us: “‘Perfection’ is about those moments of confidence sparking through you and seeing the potential in yourself. It’s a song that captures that feeling and reminds me of my worth and who I want to be.”

Listen exclusively below.

Words: James Keith

Posted on September 24, 2020