EXCLUSIVE: North London Rapper Natty Wylah Asks “WHOAMI” As He Explores Notions Of Heritage And Identity

Conversations surrounding cultural heritage and identity are more commonplace than ever, and they’re mostly productive, but not always. There is, unfortunately, a prevailing misguided idea that we’re all somehow entitled to know everyone’s background and that everyone should be happy to spill this information to any and every person that asks. No doubt a lot of these questions are well-intentioned, but we all know what they say about the road to hell, don’t we?

On his emphatic new single “WHOAMI”, North London rapper Natty Wylah puts it more directly: Put me in a box, get boxed, he warns and later, I ain’t from England, I ain’t from China / So fuck off with your labels. Served up over a minimal yet surprisingly heavy rap instrumental, he doesn’t mince a single word on this no-nonsense throwdown. With a voice that engaging and an unquenchable fire in his belly, expect to hear a lot more from Natty Wylah in the future.

Posted on November 14, 2019