EXCLUSIVE: nineteen97 Calls On Mayhem NODB And Jesse James Solomon For Rowdy Hustler Anthem “I Got”

Before setting his sights on music, nineteen97 was a graphic designer going by the name Devzallday. Most recently, you’ll have seen his talent in the artwork for D Power’s “Sniper” and “Irie”, but today he presents something a little different, calling on Mayhem NODB and Jesse James Solomon for his debut single “I Got”.

Heavily inspired by a love of grime, Off-Key’s production on “I Got” plays around with the formula a lot, siphoning off elements of rap and then veering off in a completely different direction with some ingenious sample choices. The end result is something you’d be hard-pressed to call ‘grime’ in the strictest sense, but in spirit, this is pure pirate radio rawness.

Co-directed by nineteen97 and Almighty Dex, the visuals give us a chaotic look at what real hustling looks like — from backroom card games to boardroom showdowns. Hit play below to join the madness.

“I Got” is out now via BE83 Records.

Words: James Keith

Posted on October 30, 2020