Monster Florence Tease New ‘​Cowboys & Idiots’ EP With “26 Ghosts” Visuals

This month (May 29) will see the release of the Cowboys & Idiots EP from Essex six-piece Monster Florence. The band — which comprises vocalists Dream Mclean, Wallace Rice and Alex Osiris, drummer Cameron Morrell, multi-instrumentalist Jonny Poole, and guitarist/producer Tom Donovan — released the EP’s lead single “26 Ghosts” towards the end of last month and today they’re revisiting the track to give it some haunting, surreal and just a little bit irreverent visuals.

The Aboveground visuals blanket the crew in snowflakes, twinkling against the pitch black sky as the three MCs go to great lengths to explain to us what they’re really like over the band’s laid-back, brass-led instrumental. Speaking about their work on “26 Ghosts”, director Aboveground said, “‘26 Ghosts’ is the most cinematic project we have shot to date. We produced something that was deliberately raw and gritty yet interspersed with wide-angle cinematic beauty.”

The band’s guitarist/producer Tom Donovan added, “The shoot for ‘26 Ghosts’ was probably the most fun I’ve had making a video. We shot it over three days with our pal, Aboveground. We’ve worked with him on a few videos over the years, and it’s always been sick. What made this video so different from others, is that Aboveground came up with some of the most juxtaposing shots to what you would expect to find in a hip-hop video. We had everything from caravans to horses. We shot it just before Christmas, so the weather was shit. SCRT lent us some clothes for the shoot, which were subsequently covered in rain and mud within the first few hours. I think Aboveground made a really dark and cinematic video using the bleakness of rural Essex.”

Press play above.

Words: James Keith

Posted on May 05, 2020