EXCLUSIVE: MJ Cole And Kudu Blue’s “Mercy” Is Heaven-Sent For The Post-Club Afterglow

Tomorrow (February 27), MJ Cole will release the Waking Up EP, a new collection of original productions and collabs, chief amongst them is “Mercy” with Brighton-based four-piece Kudu Blue.

Kudu Blue, if you didn’t already know, consists of vocalist Clem, bass player Tom, synths player Owen and drummer Creeda. As a band, they’ve made a name for themselves creating dreamy, soulful club music driven by clever songwriting. With inspirations that include floor-filling greats like Michael Jackson and Faithless, it was surely only a matter of time until they worked with a titan like MJ Cole.

Together, MJ and the band have put together something profoundly epic. “Mercy” is a scintillating track that’s not as club-oriented as either MJ Cole or Kudu Blue’s usual output, but Clem’s delicately soulful vocals and the stunning, ethereal textures combine for something truly special. So while it might not be heaven-sent for the dancefloor, it is surely worth reserving for the post-rave afterglow.

Posted on February 26, 2019